How To Fix Simply Kodi Error

The olpair is one of the great opportunity to those who are getting servers list in the middle of the video. If you getting this issue on your kodi then you should follow our solution. This solution would give you a lot of relief from a different kind of interruptions.

I want to tell you one thing about openload pair before we are going to our main topic. Actually, this olpair was introduced just to sustain the kodi users. Because kodi has a huge following among all over the countries, Because of this the users of kodi getting many interruptions especially interruption with servers list. To fix this olpair error we have taken a step, let us explain that in brief.

Way To Fix Olpair Kodi Error

This is very easy to fix. But in order to fix olpair kodi error, you must have some patience because you do not do anything without understanding its procedure. So keep concentrating on every step which we are going to explain. Before you are going to start this procedure you have to make sure that your devices are connected to the same network or not if not get them to the same network.

  1. To start the procedure you have to change your IP address from turn on to IP vanish
  2. Now open any browser and type this address
  3. Now “pair your device to use openload with third-party application.” will appear on your screen
  4. In the bottom of that, you can see some “Captcha”
  5. To move forward in our tutorial you have to solve that captcha
  6. After completion of the captcha, you have to click on the “Pair”
  7. Now your kodi can stream all kind of videos without having any hassles

That’s it from now onwards you do not get any servers list or any kind of interruptions from the olpair servers. If you once follow this process on your kodi you can watch all your favourite videos on your kodi for the duration of four hours. But after getting four hours your device lost its connection with the olpair.

For that, you need to pair again with the olpair IP address. For keep watching your favourite videos on your kodi, you have to pair your device IP address with the Olpair IP address for every four hours.

We also face this issue:


From this article, you can learn about the olpair and its benefits to pairing your device IP address with the OLpair IP address. We mentioned all the procedure with all the necessary steps. So use those steps and solve your how to fix olpair kodi error doubts and issues. If you want to ask ant doubts about the olpair you can ask through the comment section. Hope you all are understood this educated tutorial.


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