How To Find Acellories Universal Remote Codes

You can find Acellories universal remote codes in two ways: through websites and the user manual. As well as you can find all the latest codes and programming instructions. These codes are designed to recognize the device and connect the device with the Acellories universal remote. Also, you can find the remote codes using the remote in the auto-code search method that stores codes in the remote database. You can see several remote codes for a single device in the user manual, but a single code is correct for your device, but you need to use all the codes until your device gets a valid code.

How To Program Acellories Universal Remote Codes

Accessories universal remote codes programming can be done in manual and auto-code search methods. The manual process is recommended for all devices, but you can use the auto-code search method when you don’t have a valid code, or your device is not listed in the user manual. This post will explain two ways to program Acellories universal remote codes with simple instructions.

  • 0037
  • 0218
  • 0264
  • 0556
  • 0668
  • 1668
  • 0359
  • 0412
  • 0493
  • 0009
  • 0282
  • 0171

Manual Method: 

The manual method requires a valid code to program the remote control to connect with the corresponding device. After entering a valid code, the remote will be paired with a device. 

  • Turn on the corresponding device and insert new batteries into the remote.
  • Point the remote in front of the sensor window of the device.
  • Press the “SETUP” button until the LED indicator stays solid. If the remote hasn’t a “SETUP” button, press the corresponding device key, such as TV, DVD, VCR, etc, until the LED indicator lights up. 
  • After this, enter the code selected for the device. The LED indicator will turn off after entering the code. If the device code is correct, the LED indicator will turn off. If not, the LED indicator will flash several times and stays solid. 

Press the “POWER” button to turn off the device. The device should turn off successfully. If it happens, your remote is ready to use. Turn back on the device using the remote and test volume and other required functions in the remote control. 

Auto-code Search Method:

The remote will find a valid code when switching to this method, but this method will take several minutes to connect the remote to the corresponding device. 

  • Turn on your device and press the “device” or “setup” key on the remote until the LED indicator turns on and stays solid.
  • Press the “CH+” or “CH-” button until the device turns off. 
  • Note: keep the remote in front of the device until the device turns off.
  • After turning off the device, turn it back on using the remote. The device should turn on. 

Finally, check your remote control buttons to check remote functions. If all the buttons work as expected, your remote is programmed successfully. If not, try to reprogram the remote from Step 1

Acellories Universal Remote Control Manual PDF

Accessories universal remote control manual PDF will introduce remote features, remote codes, programming methods, troubleshooting settings and learning functions. You can learn more information from the user manual.

How To Reset And Fix Acellories Universal Remote Control Not Working

You must reset Acellories universal remote when your remote is not working as expected. Before resetting your remote:

  • Change the batteries in the remote.
  • Run the power cycle.
  • Remove the obstructions between the remote and device.

Even after making all the changes, if your remote doesn’t work, you must reset your remote. 

Remove the batteries from the remote for one minute and press the “POWER” key on the remote until your device turns off. Insert new batteries into the remote and press the “POWER” button to reset the remote control to factory settings. If you’re using a Tzumi Aura LED remote, follow the guide on “How to Program Tzumi Aura LED” to ensure proper setup and programming.

Can I use my Acellories Universal Remote with devices like DVD players or gaming consoles, not just TVs?

Yes, you can use Acellories universal remote with your DVD, gaming consoles, and other devices. After programming the remote for multiple devices, you can control them using the Acellories universal remote.


Accessories remote codes are available in this post and user manual. You can program the codes by following the instructions in this post. If your remote doesn’t work as expected, reprogram or reset it.

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