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In this present generation, most of the online games players are playing the path finder character sheet game.because of its incredible features and its character sheets.but most of the players don’t know about the Pathfinder character sheet we are revealing about the Pathfinder character sheets online.this is the game which has the most complicated and powerful sheets.if you want to use the character sheets, at least one player in your group be comfortable with editing spread means that if one player has invested at once the entire team will participate and enjoy by using the sheets what ever they am going to describe the Pathfinder character sheet  in the following lines.


  1. Pathfinder Martial Character Sheet

In this Pathfinder character sheet, you will get a worn equipment section, portion section.

in this sheet total weight has calculated from all fields including AC items, don’t double the list something from your inventory otherwise you will be getting incorrect total weight.

     2.calculating Editable Pathfinder Character Sheet

In this calculating character sheet many of the boxes are not uniform in height but since most of them have auto sizing fonts they look better when the height is order is set by column and section.this is some information i have noticed to you about Calculating editable Pathfinder character sheet.

3.Auto Calculating Fillable Rebelian  Sheet for Hells Rebels Ap

In this sheet, most tools have very informative tool tips for easier management and to avoid looking and searching through HELL’S REBELS PLAYERS GUIDE.

4.First Publicly Released Custom Sheet

In this you have the following blocks they are as follows

  • moved initiative block location or redesigned
  • added third stat block
  • swapped feat and equipment pages(pages2&3)for a better flow between pages
  • added movement block
  • added extra page for mount/animal companion/familiar/etc.,for said companions
  • added missing magic item slot on magic item page
  • moved the spell level text for better spacing

these are the blocks you have on this sheet.

5.Treyu’s, Modified for Unchained

we have no much information about this Unchained sheet.but we have got a few information about this sheet that as follows.this uses the consolidated skill system and includes the automatic bonus chart.this is the only information we got.

6.Kencussion’s Character Sheets-editable

in this sheet, you have five characters .from that we are giving one by one

A)Combat: It is useful for quick reference when in combat

B)Inventory: Keep track of characters inventory and what they are wearing

C)Character bio: Basic information about the character

D)Calculations: On this sheet, all calculations will be done

E)feats, abilities, spells: The character has the list of feats, abilities, spells

This has we explained about the kencussion’s character sheets-editable.

7.Editable Happy Camper Chracter Sheets

The happy camper co-class specific character sheets and made them editable libre offic calc.the editable happy camper character sheet has the tremendous features as compared to all the above has acted in this particular game it’s impartant role.

8.Pathblazer Character Sheet

this has the modified character sheet and pathblazer character sheet was playing a major role when it had installed.and recently it is creating its own style.the players will be enjoy by using this sheet.

9.Ultimate Campaign Auto-calculating Fillable Kingdom and Army Sheets

from ultimate campaign book, you can use this for king maker adventure path or any adventure custom compaign with rules for dynasty management.

10.Planescape Sheet for Pathfinder

this has some seperate features and that features we are providing in the below of this have a look to know about it

  • Magic item school and cancellation track
  • Magic weapon and armour tracking
  • Allignment tracking
  • Planner distances
  • Outer planes chart

The above features are related to the planescape sheet for pathfinder.


This article is all about the Pathfinder character sheets online.we have kept all the information that what the players need.if you have any doubts about this post your doubt to clarify your doubts.our team has ready to give the suggestions as good as possible.

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