How To Fix Remote Control Buttons That Don’t Work

Remote buttons may not work as expected due to sticky buttons, dead batteries, conductivity errors, screw problems inside the battery compartment, poor circuit supply, etc. You have come to the right place if your remote buttons don’t work as expected. Here I will tell you how to fix remote control issues when it doesn’t work, even for the Grundig remote. If you understand why the remote buttons don’t work, you don’t need to buy a new remote control because you can fix what is the actual issue inside the remote.

Solutions to Fix If Remote Control Buttons Not work

Conductivity Issue: Inside the remote and upper side of the circuit board, you can see a conductivity layer that gives commands to the circuit board. If the layers were damaged, you might need to replace the conductivity layer to restore your remote control.

Spring Issue: Inside the battery compartment, you can see one or two springs holding the battery tightly to supply power to the remote control. If the springs get damaged, battery power can’t be transmitted to the remote. Clean the Springs using an electronic cleanser, insert new batteries, and test the remote control.

Battery Issue: If you use one new battery and another old battery, the remote can’t receive the power supply correctly, then you will need to use two new batteries.

Voltage Issue: You must read the voltage information inside the battery compartment. If you use low-powered batteries in the remote control, the remote may not receive a proper power supply. Insert suitable batteries into the remote control and start using the remote control.

Programming Issue:┬áRemote controllers may not work due to improper programming. If you use universal remote controllers for your devices, you must program the remote control using a valid code assigned to your remote and corresponding device. To ensure correct programming, refer to the “Acellories Universal Remote Manual” for step-by-step instructions and guidance.

Clean the Circuit Board: If you have been using a single remote control for a long time, you must clean the circuit board using an alcohol cleanser. After this, attach all the remote parts and start using them to control your device.

Remove Obstructions: You must remove the obstructions between your remote and the device. As well as connect all the cables correctly to the devices. In addition, remove the obstacles between the sky and the dish if you use a dish or antenna.

Reset the Remote: Even if all the remote buttons work correctly, you can’t access the expected functions, so you must reset the remote control. To reset your remote, remove the batteries from the remote, press the “POWER” button for 15 seconds, insert batteries into the remote, and press the “POWER” button once. The LED light will blink once that indicates the remote reset to factory settings.

Why OK Button Not Working On Remote: How To Fix

If all the buttons except the “OK” button, it is the programming error or dust under the “OK” button. Reset the remote control and configure it with your device using on-screen prompts. If you use a universal remote, reprogram it after resetting the remote control.

How To Unstuck Remote Control Buttons

You must clean dust and impurities under the remote button and clear the conductivity layer under the remote buttons. In addition, you can clean the circuit board to unstick the buttons. If the remote has physical damage, you must replace the damaged parts.

How To Clean Sticky Remote Control Buttons

The sticky buttons can be cleaned with an alcohol cleanser. You can buy electronic equipment cleaners in the market which can clean your remote and allow the buttons to push quickly.

How to Fix remote control buttons hard to press

If your remote buttons are not working and you are pressing them hard, you must remove them first and clean them using an electronic cleanser. As well as you will need to replace the conductivity layer under the buttons to avoid the hardness of the remote buttons.

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